Central decision-making

Last changed: 25 November 2020

The university board, vice-chancellor and chief operating officer are the central decision-makers at SLU, but who will take the decision depends on the matter in question. As SLU is a public authority, the decision-making process has to be conducted in Swedish.

Who decides what?

The university’s delegations of authority determine who is responsible for the different types of decision-making.

Since SLU is a public authority, decision-making needs to be conducted in Swedish. Therefore, most of the guidelines, procedures and other information are written in Swedish.

The university board takes decisions on matters related to the university’s specialisation and organisation. They also decide how to allocate annual government funding. The board usually convenes six times per year.

The vice-chancellor decides on the strategic and operative matters related to the university and takes these decisions during vice-chancellor decision meetings (Reb). These meetings are usually held every other Wednesday during the semester.

The chief operating officer decides on matters related to the work of university administration. Unlike the university board and vice-chancellor, the chief operating officer does not have any fixed decision-making meetings. Instead, the date and time are determined on a case-by-case basis.


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