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Once you have been accepted as a student at SLU, it is time to think about accommodation options. Finding an appropriate place to live can be a difficult, competitive and time-consuming process.  The earlier you start looking and applying for accommodation, the more alternatives you will have.  Once you know where you will be studying, the best thing you can do is to put your name in an accommodation queue.  The more queues you are in, the better chance you have of finding accommodation. 


Accomodation Alnarp

SLU’s Alnarp campus is a green oasis located in central Öresundsregionen.  The campus is situated on a rolling, luxuriant park where education and research is intensively conducted.  Adding to the picturesque surroundings are striking buildings with impressive architecture, offering an aesthetically stimulating environment for students, researchers, employees and visitors. 

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Accomodation Umeå

SLU’s Umeå campus is an inspiring and picturesque learning environment.  Surrounded by deep green forests, scenic parks and clear, blue lakes, it is easy to see why Umeå is the fastest growing city in Sweden.  With 110 000 inhabitants, Umeå is the largest city in Norrland, and each year over 800 000 people pass through Umeå's airport.  It takes less than an hour to fly from Umeå to Stockholm, and four hours to fly to Brussels.


Accomodation Uppsala

The SLU campus in Uppsala is situated approximately five kilometers south of downtown Uppsala. It takes around 20 minutes to bike from downtown Uppsala to the Ultuna area.

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