Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet


SLU’s campuses and research facilities are spread throughout Sweden, with three main campuses located in Alnarp, Umeå and Uppsala.  Though each campus differs in size and structure, they all have a warm, friendly and inspiring atmosphere. SLU currently has over 4000 students and 700 research students enrolled and conducts a range of teaching and research activities throughout the country.  



SLU’s Alnarp campus is situated in a large park by the sea, west of Lund, north of Malmö and east of Copenhagen.  This prime location makes Alnarp a gateway to the rest of Europe.  Here, students can take part in the many academic, social and sporting activities, relax in the countryside and enjoy the metropolitan nightlife.



SLU’s Skara campus is located in the town centre.  With a population of only 20 000, the University plays a significant roll in Skara life.  As Skara is a small town, most facilities are within walking distance of the campus.  



Skinnskatteberg is located in the heart of Bergslagen, and lies in close proximity to the Övre Vättern and Nedre Vättern lakes.  While there are only 4 800 inhabitants in Skinnskatteberg, the county itself is quite large and provides plenty of wide-open space.  In fact, students at SLU’s Skinnskatteberg campus have access to 3000 hectares of hunting ground.

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SLU’s Umeå campus is an inspiring and picturesque learning environment.  Surrounded by deep green forests, scenic parks and clear, blue lakes, it is easy to see why Umeå is the fastest growing city in Sweden.  With 110 000 inhabitants, Umeå is the largest city in Norrland, and each year over 800 000 people pass through Umeå's airport.  It takes less than an hour to fly from Umeå to Stockholm, and four hours to fly to Brussels.



Uppsala is Sweden’s forth-largest city, and the hub of SLU’s educational activities. Located just outside of the city centre, SLU’s Uppsala campus is spacious, leafy and picturesque.  It is a fitting setting for Sweden’s only agricultural university, and possibly the most research-intensive of all universities. With two universities located in Uppsala, students can enjoy a lively, dynamic and stimulating atmosphere.

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