Sveriges lantbruksuniversitet

Acidification programme

We provide a platform for efforts to achieve Sweden's environmental objective Natural Acidification Only. We also help Sweden to meet its commitments under UNECE/CLRTAP air pollution convention.


Acidification programme

Do you want to get involved with us or do you have questions about our work with environmental monitoring and assessment? Get in touch with us.

Stefan Löfgren, coordinator of the Acifification programme. E-mail:, phone: +46-(0)23-793457, +46-(0)70-6955177
Department of Aquatic Sciences and Assessment

Lars Lundin, coordinator of the Integrated Monitoring programme. E-mail:, phone: +46 (0)18-671070, +46 (0)18-673109, +46 (0)70-3736243.

Jens Fölster, national coordinator of ICP Waters in Sweden. E-mail:, phone: +46-(0)18-673126.

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