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Here you’ll find the self-assessment template in Word format, and a file with notes that will clarify some of the terms used. The “Panel Report Template” file provides the questions the panel reviewers will answer as a part of their evaluation of the UoA. A link to extract an e-mail list to your UoA members is also provided for your convenience.

The digital platform for the self-assessments will be open 15 January – 28 February 2018. The link to the digital platform is The digital platform is only available to UoA members and Coordinators at this moment.

Cover letter to the self-assessment_15Nov2017.pdf

Self-Assessment Template and Notes

The self-assessment template is in Word format, so that the UoA easily can work together with the file. Please note that there is no set limit in the Word template fields, so you have to keep track of the word count yourselves. In the file ”KoN2018 Notes to the self-assessment template” you’ll find clarification to some of the terms used. If you don’t find an answer to your question – please contact

KoN2018 Self-Assessment Template.docx

KoN2018 Notes to the self-assessment template.pdf

Panel Report Template

Here are the questions that the expert reviewers in the panels will be asked to answer as a part of their evaluation of the UoA.

KoN2018_Panel Report Template.pdf

E-mail lists to the UoA

With this report you’ll easily access an e-mail list to the members of your UoA. First choose the panel your UoA belongs to and then the name of the UoA.

Panel areas

The panel areas are:

  • Agricultural and Horticultural Production
  • Animal Health
  • Animal Sciences
  • Aquatic and Terrestrial Ecology
  • Economics, Business and Management, Statistics
  • Forest Management
  • Genetics, Molecular Biology and Physiology
  • Molecular Sciences, Biomaterials and Technology
  • Nature and Society
  • Plant Protection
  • Soil and Environmental Sciences