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Last changed: 01 February 2017 -

Do you want more time to get help with something a bit trickier? Book a librarian!


Through our Book a librarian service you can get help with a number of different library related issues. For example:

  • information retrieval (formulating a search query, finding scientific articles, books, and so on)
  • tips and tricks in referencedatabases (saving searches, getting alerts, saving references, and so on)
  • reference management (for example EndNote, EndNote Web, Zotero)
  • source criticism 
  • copyright, cheating, plagiarism
  • electronic publishing

If you want help with any of these issues, or something else - feel free to contact us and make an appointment!


When you book a librarian you get 30 minutes of individual help, at a time that suits you and the librarian. Fill out the form below and explain what it is you want help with and we'll get back to you as soon as possible!

Please note that you can also get guidance through a web meeting! This way the service becomes more accessible, no matter where you are geographically. State in your booking if you want web based guidance.

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