In case of emergency or accident

Last changed: 18 September 2013 -

In an emergency situation, where there is danger to a person, property and/or the environment, you must always call 112 and give your name, where you are and what has happened, the kind of damage or injury and, where relevant, the number of people injured.


In an emergency, call 112.


In an emergency, the flow of information is always difficult to establish and monitor. The procedure at SLU is therefore for students to contact the Joint Committee of Student Unions at SLU (SLUSS) for further information/handling of any emergency by calling the

SLUSS emergency line on +46 (0)18 67 30 70

If, as a student, you have a more natural connection to your local students’ union representative, you can contact them and they will contact SLUSS as necessary. SLUSS plays a coordinating role between students and SLU’s crisis groups. They make an assessment of the incident and forward information according to the relevant procedures.

For more information about SLU’s crisis management, see the SLU Security website.

SLU has a crisis organisation with crisis groups at each main campus (Alnarp, Skara, Umeå and Uppsala) which can help with crises, such as:

  • sudden or violent death
  • serious crime with an impact on activities
  • major accidents (with or without personal injury), such as explosions at laboratories, traffic accidents, fire, etc.
  • incidents at the university involving violence or the threat of violence
  • “world events” that may have an impact on the staff and students of the university

Other support functions for students