Study techniques

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University studies are different in many ways from studies at upper secondary school, adult education college or adult education at upper-secondary level. There is often a much longer reading list, as well as fewer hours of teacher-led teaching. You may need to find new ways of studying as a SLU student. It is important for your study results that you develop the right study techniques that work for you.

Some advice on study techniques

  • Read through the course syllabus before the course starts, so that you have an idea of the aims of the course. This will give you information about the content and what you will be expected to know once the course is complete.
  • Find out what a lecture will discuss. This is often indicated on the timetable on the course homepage. Look through the relevant literature on the reading list beforehand, so that you are familiar with the subject.
  • Take notes at lectures.
  • Go through your notes straight after a lecture and make additions where necessary.
  • Talk to the other students on the course. What did they think about the lecture?
  • Plan your studies. Decide in advance how much study you will do in a day/week. Draw up a timetable and make sure you include breaks. Do not forget to plan time for things other than study, such as exercise.
  • Take notes while you are reading literature on the reading list, as this can make it easier for you to keep your concentration.
  • Read through your notes at regular intervals during the course. Repetition makes it easier to remember the content.
  • Find the study routines that suit you best. Choose a study environment where you can sit undisturbed. Read longer texts when you are feeling fresh and not tired.
  • Motivation is important when studying. What goals do you have for your studies? Think about how you can use the skills from the course in your future working life.
  • Once the course is complete, you can perform your own assessment. What was good or not so good about my study technique? What can I do better on the next course?

Lectures on study techniques are given at various SLU venues throughout the academic year.

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