Become an active SLU alumnus!

Last changed: 30 June 2016 -

As a student at SLU you are important to us! We hope to maintain a relationship with you and follow your career even after you graduate. By registering with the SLU Alumni network while you are a current student, we will have the opportunity to keep in touch after you have completed your studies.

Becoming a member of the SLU Alumni network will give you continued access to SLU Career’s tools and services after you have graduated.  You will also receive a newsletter, keeping you up to date with relevant alumni news, events and benefits.  During spring 2013 a new alumni database will be launched, making it even easier for alumni to stay connected to the university and each other.  

As an alumnus you are an important ambassador for SLU and your study programme.  You will also be a role model for students at SLU, and for those who are trying to decide which study programme to enrol in.  We hope that you will come back to the university to visit us and share your experiences about studying at SLU and your working life.

Thank you for choosing SLU!  We hope to keep in touch!


Alumnus = former student

An alumnus is a former student of the university. SLU has a network for its alumni. The word comes from the Latin and means scholar, student or pupil, but its current meaning has entered the language from American English.

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