Sustainability Compliance Reviewer, IKEA Group Retail, Europe

Publicerad: 07 februari 2017 - slu.se

Would you like to help us understand and improve our impact on people and the environment – today and tomorrow – to secure we meet the commitments in our sustainability strategy?

If so, this might be your next step!

About you

You are passionate about sustainability and love to work with people to find out how we can do things even better. You are independent, curious and structured. You are used to working with several stakeholders, either inside or outside of IKEA Group. You enjoy traveling, meeting new people and visiting IKEA Group sites, or our suppliers. You have an understanding of local and national legislation in sustainability related areas. You have experience and interest in conducting social and environmental auditing.

About the job

To support the IKEA Group with achieving the goals in our sustainability strategy. You will do this by performing sustainability compliance verification activities within our own operations and at IKEA Group Suppliers and Service Providers. We do these audits and reviews to make sure we live up to our commitments. These activities are so much more than ticking a box. It's about making sure we do the right things and making sure we do them right. This means we do not only collect data, but also have to turn it into information to enable us to take make better business decisions.

We want to lead and develop ourselves and our suppliers to ensure a positive impact on society and across the IKEA Group value chain. This can only be done in an environment where people trust and respect each other and are committed to learn from each other during each encounter.

About the assignment

As Sustainability Compliance Reviewer you will perform, report and follow up sustainability compliance review activities, such as IWAY – our IKEA Code of Conduct – audits at suppliers and service providers to the IKEA Group. These can be customer delivery transport, cleaning or waste management companies. You will also conduct sustainability compliance reviews within our own operations to verify implementation of sustainability steering documents internally.

Within review and audit activities you are responsible to work with many stakeholders to gather and analyse information and facts to draw conclusions about improvement areas. You will be successful when you manage to create understanding and secure commitment to improving among all stakeholders. You will contribute to positioning IKEA Group as a trusted company by sharing good sustainability business practices during activities.

You will be located in the Retail Service office either in Czech Republic, France, Germany, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden or United Kingdom and report to the Regional Sustainability Compliance Manager.

If you have any questions regarding this position, please contact Björn Blomqvist +46709602453. If you have any questions about the actual recruitment process, please contact our HR Service Centre, +46 (0) 476-5 87500.

Please send your application in English and note that we only accept applications submitted on www.ikea.com.

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