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Here you can find out what is meant by Equal treatment and Equal opportunities. There is also information about who to contact if you are mistreated in connection with your studies at SLU.

What do Equal treatment and Equal opportunities mean?

Equal treatment means that all students must have the same opportunities whoever they are, and that there is no discrimination or harassment. SLU’s aim is for the university to be characterised by an open attitude and respect for people’s differences and equal value.

SLU takes the Swedish Discrimination Act as its basis, which stipulates that no-one must suffer discrimination on the basis of:

  • Sex
  • Ethnicity
  • Religion or other belief
  • Sexual orientation (homosexuality, bisexuality or heterosexuality)
  • Functional impairment
  • Transgender identity or expression
  • Age

Who can I contact if I am mistreated?

If you feel subjected to discrimination or harassment, you can in the first place contact:

  • The director of studies at the department or your programme director of studies

You can also contact:

  • A study adviser by calling +46 (0)18 67 28 00 or by e-mailing studyadviser@slu.se. The study advisers can give advice and support on equal treatment issues.  
  • The prefect (head of department)
  • SLU’s lawyers
  • The students’ union

What does SLU do?

SLU has a special organisation for Equal opportunities, which covers both students and staff. Here the university coordinates its work on the equal treatment of students, equality, diversity and accessibility for people with disabilities. More information about Equal opportunities work at SLU can be found on the staff web.

SLU has an Equal opportunities action plan, with ongoing tasks for the departments and various divisions within the university administration. An important part of this is to spread information about Equal opportunities issues to students and staff. The plan also contains specific measures to be implemented during the year, which are followed up in the following year’s plan.

Equal treatment issues for students are something that is also looked after by the Student welfare council (STRÅ) at SLU. Questions about whether you have experienced discrimination in connection with your education are included in the student welfare surveys, which are followed up by STRÅ.

SLU has produced a brochure aimed at work placement contacts and external supervisors. The Discrimination Act also applies when you are on placement or are doing an independent project and have an external supervisor. You should not be subjected to harassment, such as on the grounds of ethnicity or sexual harassment, in these situations.

The Faculty of Forest Sciences has produced some special information material which refers specifically to equal treatment between males and females.

Where can I find more information?

More information can be found in the menu on the left, including more about what constitutes discrimination and harassment and advice on what to do if you are subjected to harassment, as well as information about the Swedish Discrimination Act and the Equality Ombudsman.

 More information is also available via the following links:

  • SLU’s Guidelines on suspected harassment of students
  • The Swedish Discrimination Act
  • The Equality Ombudsman
  • SLU’s brochure on equal opportunities for students on placement
  • The Faculty of Forest Sciences information material on equal treatment
  • SLU’s Equal opportunities work for students and employees
  • The Study/Work council at SLU and student welfare groups


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