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Last changed: 01 July 2016 -

Here we give you some tips on how you can make your studies easier with the help of your computer. We give you tips on how to get more out of the student web and the digital support SLU can give you.

Fronterns new app

Fronter has a new app for both Android and iPhone. The app will notify you when news is published on your Fronter course room. The only thing you need to do is to allow push notification from the Fronter app on your phone.

You will fins the Fronter app on Google Play and Apple Store.

This is how you log in to the app.

Learn more about the new Fronter app by viewing this Youtube clip.


My courses

Once you have logged in to the student web, you will see, among other things which courses you are enrolled and registered to in the box labeled My courses. The names are linked to the course pages. The information from the course pages (Slunik) have now moved in to the student web which let you see most of the information about your courses in one place.

Get text messages from your courses

To receive text messages from the courses that you are registered at you need to type in your mobile number at the field "Mobil" which is found at "Change address" at "My studies ". It is the course organizer who decides which messages that will be sent as an text message.

If you have registred your mobile number, the IT support will be able to send you information about your student IT account by text message, if needed.

When you are looking at the information at "Change address", please also make sure that the address that is listed for you is correct and if not, please update the information.

Rooms - Kronox

SLU's local booking system is called Kronox. You can use the system as a student to see when rooms are available and which local bookings are available for your particular courses.

Now we try to do the entire schedule in Kronox. Our vision is that all courses at undergraduate and postgraduate level will be able to see their schedules in Kronox.

Read more about the rooms and Kronox.


The student web has three logins to access full functionality.

  • The starting page on the student web
    - The functions you reach are the My courses and My shortcuts.
    - If you are logged on to a student computer, you do not have to enter your username and password to log onto the starting page. You only have to to click on the Login button.
  •  Fronter and My courses
    - Have you logged into Fronter you are also logged into My courses and vice versa.
    - You do not need to log on to the starting page of the student web to log onto Fronter or My courses. You can click directly on the links to get further.
  •  Email
    - You do not need to log on to the starting page and then then log into webmail. You can click directly on the link to get further.

We know that this is an annoyance to many students and we see whether there is any solution to the problem.

Reading e-mail on your phone

We do not offer forwarding email to your private email. However, you can choose to check your emails on your phone if you have an Android phone or an I-phone. To do that, read more on the page about e-mail in your mobile.

Virtual Study Room

Now is your chance to try a new useful service - Virtual Study Room. By connecting to the university's wireless network, you get access SLU:s standard, documents and files on your own computer, tablet or phone. That way you don´t have to wait for a free place in the computer room. Learn more about Virtual Study Room.

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