About the student web

Last changed: 01 July 2016 - slu.se

The student web is for you as a student at SLU. This is where you will find the information and support you need during your studies.

Most of information at the student web is available for everyone, but there are also parts that are protected by logins, information that concerns only you. No matter what part you want to access it is the same logins.



Start page on the student web

When you have logged in, this is what you will see on the start page:

  • My courses show:
    - links to course homepages for the courses you have been accepted to or registered at.
    - links to program information for the programmes that you have been accepted to.
    - links to the course valuations that you are asked to fill in by each course end.
    - if you are the student represent for a course valuation it will also show here.
  • My shortcuts: You add a shortcut to a page at the student web or outside the student web. Please follow the instructions at "My shortcuts"

In addition to the above parts you also can find:

  • links to:
    - My studies- information about your studies that also can be found in Ladok.
    - My e-mail
    - Fronter - course room - Fronter is a complement for courses and the teachers themselves who decide if they want use Fronter or not. Do you think you should use Fronter for your course, then talk to your teacher.
  • student news
  • student events
  • service interruptions
  • information from SLU

Information about My studies

At My studies you can see what information SLU have about you in Ladok.

At My studies can you as a student:

  • see which courses you are accepted to
  • register at courses you have been accepted to
  • see which courses you are registered at
  • register for examination (note that all courses do not offer this, ask your teacher what applies to your course)
  • see grades from the courses you have passed
  • order certificates
  • refuse an admission
  • report early course break
  • change address information
  • apply for your degree
  • give concessions to that companies can receive information about you from SLU

Why can I not register for a course?

  • You can register yourself, at courses that you have been accepted to, 5 days prior to the course start and during the first day of the course. After this period, only the responsible department can register you, please contact the course leader to get help.
  • If the course is not activated, i.e. the text is gray; the department has not opened the course for self-registrations. The course organizer can help you with the registration.
  • If you are accepted under a condition, the text I gray and you cannot register for the course. Please contact the course leader. Read more about being accepted under a condition at Entry requirements and selection criteria.

What does it mean when I am admitted under a condition?

If you, at the time of application, do not fulfill the entry requirements, but you will be in a position to fulfill the requirements by the time the course starts, you can be admitted under a condition or placed on a waiting list conditionally. You cannot register yourself at the course, and the course leader will help you with the registration with you fulfill the prerequisites.

More information can be found at Entry requirements and selection criteria

Where can I type in my mobile phonenumber so I can receive a text messages from the course homepage?

  1. Go to My studies.
  2. Go to "Change address".
  3. At "Contact information" can you type in your mobile number at the field "Mobile". This number will then be used when course leaders choose to send messages as text messages from course homepage.

Why can I not log in as a SLU student at universityadmissions.se?

This is probably because you have not been by the IT support and legitimized you. If you do this, you should be able to log on universityadmissions.se as SLU student. Find the visiting addresses of IT support. .

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