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Beginning your studies at university is perhaps one of the biggest changes to your life and it can represent a major step in terms of your personal development. At SLU, we want our students to be healthy. We therefore provide access to some form of student health clinic at all our study venues.

The success of your studies can be affected by a number of factors. It is not only determined by conditions at the university, but also by your own life situation. At the Student Health Centre, you can get help with study-related problems, such as:

  • anxiety
  • worry about exams
  • fear of speaking in front of groups
  • difficulty sleeping
  • stress

The staff available at the Student Health Centre vary according to location. Usually there are both nurses and welfare officers at the student health clinics.

Everyone at the Student Health Centre is covered by an obligation of confidentiality. This means that no information relating to students is passed on to SLU.

You should not contact the Student Health Centre for general illnesses. You should instead go to a health centre, doctor’s surgery or hospital. For example, if you need help with medicines, injuries, colds, etc.


Contact the Student Health Centre

Alnarp and Flyinge

The Student Health Centre in Lund


The Student Health Centre at the University in Skövde
Visiting address: Högskolevägen 8 building E, level O


At present, there is no Student health centre available for students in Skinnskatteberg.


The Student Health Centre in Umeå
Visiting address: Infocenter Universum, Campus Umeå University
+46 (0)90 786 50 00 (for phone hours, visit our website)


The Student Health Centre in Uppsala
+46 (0)18 471 69 00
Visiting address: Övre Slottsgatan 7, 2 tr
Special health guidelines apply for veterinary students. (Only information in Swedish.)

In an emergency, call 112.

If you fall ill

What do I need to do as a student if I fall ill? Do I need to apply for approved leave from studies? What rules do the CSN and Swedish Social Insurance Agency apply?

If you fall ill, you must always report yourself ill on the first day of illness to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency (only information in Swedish). If you remain ill for a longer period, you must have reported yourself ill in order to be entitled to student finance or sickness benefit. If you are a foreign citizen, please contact CSN and the Swedish Social Insurance Agency to find out what applies to you.

If you miss any compulsory part of your course through illness, it is a good idea to let the course leader for the course you are studying know.

If you become so ill that you are unable to study for a longer period, you should apply to SLU for approved leave from studies using a special form (pdf 293 Kb. If there are special reasons, approved leave from studies with guaranteed admission may be granted. Approved leave from studies with guaranteed admission is granted for one year at a time. For more information about this, see SLU’s regulations for education and approved leave from studies.

If your illness results in lasting disability or has such consequences that you need special teaching support, please contact the coordinator for students with a disability.

If you signed off ill part time or if for some other reason you need to review your studies, please contact the study and career advisers.

If you receive student finance from CSN

You can retain your student finance while you are ill, even though you are not studying at the time. In order to retain your student finance during illness, you must meet the following requirements:

  • The Swedish Social Insurance Agency must have approved your period of illness. Report your illness to the Swedish Social Insurance Agency on the first day that you are ill.
  • You must be completely unable to study. If you are signed off ill part time, you can only receive student finance for the time when you are studying. You therefore cannot receive student finance for the period when you are signed off ill part time.
  • You must be studying on a course or study programme that entitles you to student finance.
  • You must submit a special proof of enrolment to CSN if you are ill when the semester or the course begins. Otherwise they may not pay student finance to you.

For more information about what to do if you fall ill, see CSN’s website (only information in Swedish).

If you are not a Swedish citizen, find out more about what is required for you to receive student finance on CSN’s website.

Sickness benefit from the Swedish Social Insurance Agency

If you work at the same time as studying, and you fall ill, you can receive compensation for loss of income, called sickness benefit. You are only entitled to sickness benefit if your income from work does not exceed a certain amount.

In order to receive sickness benefit, you must report your illness on the first day that you are ill. You can do this on the Swedish Social Insurance Agency website. This also applies to those who are entitled to sick pay from their employer for the first 14 days.

The Swedish Social Insurance Agency will check whether you are unable to both study and work.

If you fall ill while studying abroad, you must send your illness report to CSN along with a doctor’s certificate.

If you are not a Swedish citizen, you must register with the Swedish Social Insurance Agency in order to gain access to the various forms of support offered by the Swedish Social Insurance Agency.


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