Overall environmental goals

Last changed: 29 August 2016 - slu.se

SLU has adopted overall environmental goals in the fields of energy use, business travel and procurement. Further environmental goals for education, research and environmental monitoring and assessment are currently in the process of being established.

Energy use

Status Feb 2015

SLU's main objective is that all properties managed by SLU should be self-sufficient in energy (electricity and heating) by the end of 2020.


Fossil fuels for heating to be phased out as soon as possible, at the latest by the end of 2016.


Energy savings for properties owned by SLU of at least 1% per m2 and year, with 2012 as the base year. This means total savings by 2020 of 9% per m2 and year.



Business travel

Status 2015-02

SLU to reduce carbon dioxide emissions from travel by 10% and full-time employee before the end of 2020, compared to 2013.


Carbon dioxide emissions from domestic travel to be reduced by 20% and full-time employee by the end of 2016, compared to 2013, primarily by reducing the number of domestic flights.


The number of travel-free metings (videoconferencing) to increase by 15% before the end of 2016, compared to 2013.




Status 2015-02

SLU to apply relevant environmental criteria in 90%  of all procurements of consumables as of July 2014.


SLU to perform an environmental risk analysis to identify procurements of goods or services with  a considerable environmental impact. The analysis will be performed on all procurements of goods and services as of 31 December 2014 the latest.


40% of all procured consumables to be labelled "Bra miljöval"  and be available in Proceedo, SLU's e-commerce system, by 31 December 2015.


Follow-up of at least one (1) procurement done by 31 December 2014 the latest to determine if, and to what degree, the environmental impact has been reduced.



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