Who should I contact about my degree programme?

Last changed: 27 September 2013 - slu.se

There are different contacts for different questions regarding your programme. An education committee at the faculty has overall responsibility for a programme. Each programme also has a programme director of studies who coordinates the programme. Various departments at SLU are then responsible for the courses on the programme. Below is a brief description of job titles and what kind of questions the different people are able to help with.

Course leader – the teacher who is responsible for the structure and provision of a course. If you have specific questions about a course, such as timetable queries, please contact the course leader.

Director of studies – the person who has been given overall responsibility by a department for its degree programmes. If you have any questions which the course leader is unable to help you with, you can contact the director of studies. You will find details of the director of studies on each department's web page.

Programme director of studies – the person who has been given responsibility by the faculty for coordinating a specific degree programme. If you have any general questions, about the structure of the programme for example, you can contact the programme director of studies.

Education administrator – the person who registers and reports results in the LADOK student registry for the department providing the course.